Art and life are one and the same to me. I have indulged in the world of creativity from a tender age, and ever since, my days have been decorated with a myriad of artistic wonders. My explorations have paved the way towards a beautiful journey where I have found my voice through my primary mode of expression - photography. Following the footsteps of my father, I have ventured out in search of remarkable stories of people and places to portray through my lens. My adventures have led me to believe that my identity as an artist is derived from the art of storytelling.

Growing up along the river Ganga, I have shared a deep cathartic connection to my natural environment. The river has shaped the course of my life, and more so, my photographic journey. I have wandered around the river almost every day, looking to catch a glimpse of the magic in the mundane – the extraordinary in the ordinary. In my daily explorations, I have come to witness how the river and its inhabitants are intertwined in an impeccable bond of spiritual coexistence. Little did I know that this small discovery would lay down the foundation for my artistic vision henceforth.

My work has been centred around the themes of cultural diversity, environmental conservation, and social inclusion. Currently working with the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy on a Freshwater Conservation Project, I have been highlighting the challenges faced by the Ganga ecosystem, in an effort to inspire action amongst stakeholders and drive sustainable community-based solutions towards the preservation of the river. Subsequently, I have been creating an archive of the rapidly vanishing ancient indigenous traditions in nature and their relevance in the era of climate change. My narratives have been built around the shared experiences of the people whom I have photographed. In the process, I have acted as a mere facilitator – bringing to light stories of change from marginalized tribal communities. As a result, my vision as a leader has been a unique amalgamation of cross-cultural perspectives and values guiding me toward a brighter future.

I take great pride in the talent hosted by our generation, and ardently believe that leadership is facilitated through the catharsis of great minds. With this in mind, I have created The Soil Society – a global community of young changemakers working towards the protection of the planet and its people. Through various immersive workshops and collaborative ventures, I have been working relentlessly to empower the youth to use their artistic vision towards a greater cause. The world needs young activists, now more than ever. It is only through our shared efforts that we can create a society where nature and mankind can thrive in eternal harmony.